Thursday, April 8, 2010


I have tried really hard to finish the 23 Things. The struggle I have is I find much of web 2.0 many sites do I need to be using.....I know that it is important to be aware of all the new options but realistically I will not use 80% of them. Twitter is a perfect example. Who does this....celebrities who use it to break off relationships or apologize for bad behavior. Facebook on the other hand is great tool for following friends, collegues, businesses, Universities etc.. I will keep going with my tech knowledge . I have to if I want to stay competitive with other Private schools. I think technology is a full time job itself! I have learned a lot about myself...I embrace change yet resist the work that it takes to stay on top of it...........
I think part of my struggle is with my computer. It is 6 or 7 years old and is a challenge everytime I turn it on. I understand why I have to use it.....I'm just saying..............

Virtual Garage Sale

I followed the site of tag sell it which is a virtual garage sale. You have to log in using a social network site and then its like Craigs list. Interesting but I do not have the desire to utilize this anymore than I have ever been intersted in Ebay...not my thing.

Twitter Tired

I have had a Twitter account this year but I confess to never attending to it. I find Twitter foolish. I realize that it could be used professionally but I do not have any current contacts with business associates.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I cannot even think of a another clever title.. the information just keeps mounting...I get it ...I do not need an Ipod...though I do have one......
ITunes U gives you access to top Universities and museums and ongoing programs that you can sign up for...I can go to another site and learn French on my coffee break...reallly?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Avatar "I SEE YOU"

Well, I would love to create my own avatar but again I am foiled by my excellent computer and his assistant WebMarsall. I am going to try on my home computer. I was able to create a wiki site but unable to edit it...everything is gray............sooooo frustrating.....but I like the wiki idea much more efficient than email for group projects. I will not be deterred I am going to "press on" with the rest of the 23 things.

"To Infinty and Beyond"

This type of application seems to be rapidly changing....I had never heard of Screen Casting or Voice Threading but in learning about them I thought of the Iphone much capability.....I was unable to do a demo because of the limitaions of my excellent computer.

More stuff to amaze me!

Voice Thread and Screen casting are applications(?) I have never heard of...but in learning about them it makes me think of the Iphone commercials. This technology is fascinating but I wonder who will survive. This technology is changing so rapidly.